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Creative Director & Founder

In 2007, Renya was invited to make the first wedding dress as of her career as a haute couture dress designer. Therefore SHINE MODA wedding custom was born. 
Renya always says "Any visual human factors should be carefully designed, in order to obtain harmony". As a well experienced haute couture designer, she is really good at accentuating the form and grace of the body by following it’s lines and it’s structure, making the female body shape much more perfect in her dress.

I love objects that have gone through time

Embroidery Workshop

Not only to keep the wedding stereovision rich, but also work with great care in details. 
In order to find the most rare and unique lace fabrics, Renya visits world's top haute couture lace workshops every year, and integrates her own innovations with the arts and crafts design on the details. This gives each of her wedding dresses its own unique soul and makes it the most treasured dress in each women’s life.

A true luxury is created by a diligent craftsperson with good materials

From the very beginning of dress design to the wedding ceremony’s themselves, Renya Wong has been committed to haute couture design for more than 7 Years in Shanghai. Although she created the brand "Renya" and "Shinemoda Haute Couture", she is still one to admit "I am always growing”.


RTeam of Designers & Tailors

As a designer Renya can always find each women’s unique beauty, not only that, she can also envision the special occasion for wearing her special dress. For that reason Renya started her second dress shop named “Renya”. "I just find the thing which I want to do at the fist stroke. If the wedding dress design is there for love, then the formal dress is to give a woman confidence and courage." The dress Renya designed could make you really like yourself. "A dress may be used for social engagements of work, maybe in the important wedding of friends and family, or even your eighteenth Birthday party. 
For every special moment of life,.”I hope to help our guests to make a dress which is a treasure for her lifetime, and will lighten every special occasion."

Thanks to her particular fashion sense and refined hand craft, Renya‘s design attracts a large number of socialites looking for elegance and style. In recent years, Renya has not only made dresses for stars, but also has cooperated with film and television industry. In the future, she will continue to design more unique and exceptional dresses, sharing her design concept with everyone.

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